Biological Medicine

Biological medicine shares many of the principles and treatments of traditional naturopathic medicine.  However, it is a distinct system that uses specialized assessment methods and treatment techniques.  A comprehensive description of biological medicine – including the assessment methods are treatments used – can be found at the Biological Medicine Network site. 

Our clinic incorporates the following biological medicine tools:

Contact Regulation Thermography
Neural Therapy
IV Therapy
Ozone Therapy
Heavy Metal Assessment and Removal (Chelation Therapy)

Detoxification Protocols

Nutritional Counselling and Supplements
Isopathic Remedies (Sanum Therapy)

Darkfield Microscopy
Biological Dentistry Support*

*we do not have a biological dentist in Nova Scotia, although we do refer to Dr. Lawrence Freedman in Toronto ON.  Our clinic is able to use assessment tools (e.g. darkfield, thermography) to help identify dental foci and cavitations, and we help to treat these issues to the best of our ability (i.e. via ozone injections, neural therapy, sanum therapy, IV therapy, etc.)

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