Bioresonance Therapy (Med Select)

Bioresonance therapy was developed in Germany in 1977.  It works by reading the body’s specific electromagnetic “signature” – the mixture of electromagnetic frequencies from healthy and unhealthy part of the body – and manipulating it in a therapeutic way.  Frequencies from healthy tissue are amplified (strengthened) and transmitted back into the body by way of magnetic field probes.  Frequencies from unhealthy tissues and substances (e.g. microorganisms, environmental toxins, etc.) are transmitted back into the body as an inverse frequency (i.e. “upside down”) to neutralize their negative impact.


Why do electromagnetic frequencies influence our health?

Physicists and biochemists have found that the cells of our body communicate through “ultra-weak electromagnetic frequencies” – extremely subtle transmissions of energy that allow them to transmit messages to one another.  That message might be “make more antibodies against that bacteria” or “create more anti-inflammatory proteins”, as examples.  In other words, these ultra-weak frequencies are the language of the cells.


Bioresonance therapy also uses ultra-weak frequencies.  Thus, by using bioresonance therapy we strive to influence the cells to achieve a greater state of health.


What types of conditions can bioresonance therapy help to address?

  • Allergies of all kinds (a great deal of research has been done on this over time)

  • Pain (joint, muscle, nerve, etc.)

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Environmental illness and multiple chemical sensitivities

  • Chronic infections

  • Medication reactions (e.g. vaccines, Ciprofloxacin toxicity, statin drugs, anesthetics, etc.)

  • Impaired detoxification

  • Sinus issues

  • Chronic yeast or fungal overgrowth

  • Many others


What does a treatment session look like?

Sessions usually last 10-30 minutes.  During treatment the patient sits in a chair or lies down on a table.  Two electrodes are placed on the skin for approximately five seconds to allow the machine to detect the electromagnetic signature of the patient.  Then the patient holds the magnetic probes on the symptomatic body part or s/he lies down on the therapy mat for a whole body treatment.  It is common for no sensation to be felt in the body during treatment, although many patients report feeling relaxed afterwards.  Patients undergoing treatment for pain commonly experience pain reduction during or shortly after treatment (may take several sessions if pain is of a chronic nature).


Is the therapy safe?

It is extremely safe.  As outlined above, bioresonance therapy uses ultra-weak electromagnetic frequencies to work on a cellular level which have no detrimental effect on health.  Bioresonance therapy has not been studied in pregnancy so we do not use the device on pregnant women to err on the side of caution.


© 2012 by Dr. Bryan Rade ND and Dr. Taryn Deering ND