Comprehensive Management of Mitochondrial Dysfunction Course

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Course Length: 7.5 hours
Course Cost: $250USD + 15% sales tax
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Course Description
Mitochondrial dysfunction is an underlying feature of virtually every chronic health disorder, from cardiovascular disease to diabetes to autoimmunity to cancer.  Clinically - and with supporting evidence from the scientific literature - this also appears to be true of patients dealing with complex chronic illness (e.g. mold illness, persistent borreliosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.), as well as for less complex patient cases that seem refractory to clinical protocols that "should" be working.
Addressing mitochondrial dysfunction is not a new concept; however, treating it in a comprehensive manner does appear to be novel.  In his experience, Dr. Rade has found that using a comprehensive approach to mitochondrial dysfunction, when indicated, produces markedly superior clinical results than a "partial" approach.  Upon completion of the course, the attendee should have a much deeper understanding of the role mitochondrial dysfunction has to play in a majority of their symptomatic patients, as well as a thorough understanding of how to approach this issue.
The following is the outline of the course material:
- —Mitochondria background information
- —Symptoms of mitochondrial dysfunction
- —Mitochondrial dysfunction and general practice
- —Mitochondrial dysfunction and complex chronic illness
- —Factors required for mitochondrial function
- —A comprehensive mitochondrial support protocol
- —Literature on mitochondrial support nutrients
- —Parenteral mitochondrial supports
- —Lifestyle factors affecting mitochondrial function
- —Laboratory tests and mitochondrial function
- —Treatment considerations to address mitochondrial dysfunction
Instructor Information

Dr. Bryan Rade ND is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and has a practice that focuses on complex chronic illness, mold illness, histamine disorders, neurological disorders, autism spectrum disorder, integrative oncology and chronic pain.  He has found that addressing mitochondrial dysfunction and optimizing mitochondrial health are of pivotal importance in his clinical practice.

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