Dr. Cheryl Karthaus ND - Naturopathic Doctor

Ten years ago I was working as a research consultant for the government of Canada and private industry.  I had an exciting job, I worked with great people and made a home in a fantastic community. I left it all to follow my calling after I learned about naturopathic medicine. In 2015 / 2016 I was honoured to work with some of the top Canadian naturopathic oncology experts, and naturopathic experts in supporting autism. I have become an expert in integrative cancer care and supporting people with autism. I work with patients to increase independence and improve quality of life, increase energy and function, and provide direction and hope.


Your health journey is like rock climbing. You find yourself climbing up the side of a mountain and all of a sudden you feel stuck. You can’t see where to put your feet next,your hands are sweaty and slippery, and you feel that you are running out of energy and can’t hold on any longer. I am your guide. I can see a different picture from where I sit. I am able to see the next foot hold and can provide guidance to help you stay on the right route. I can see the next ledge where you can take a rest and catch your breath and encourage you. An outside perspective can make the difference in helping you reach the top.


Before coming in for your first appointment you will be asked to fill out a form. This provides some basic information so I can best prepare to help you with specific concerns. During your first visit we will get a lot more detail about your concerns. We may run relevant lab tests and I can answer any questions. In my practice we always explore a variety of treatment options; which is something unique to naturopathic medicine! You can feel empowered about your health care and have an understanding of the treatments that will be most effective for you. People unnecessarily live with excessive pain, fatigue, frustration, stress and/or a low quality of life; working together this can change.


As a doctor, I thrive on helping people through life transitions. I enjoy problem solving when patients feel ’stuck’ or just aren’t moving forward.  I am most passionate about coaching people with neurobehavioral differences, and people with chronic illness to achieve their true level of energy and inner wisdom so they can focus their efforts on living their legacy!


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